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Vycall Wireless Calling Systems is a technology company based in Turkey that develops and produces its own products. In its journey that started with the Turkish market, it has been continuing its activities in foreign markets, primarily in Europe, since 2019. Vycall, which is the solution partner of many internationally known brands and companies, provides services on wireless communication in many sectors such as Hotel, Restaurant-Cafe, Factory, Offices. Proceeding with the principle of always presenting its own products in the best way, Vycall keeps customer satisfaction at the highest level with after-sales support.

Our Production Process

Think, design, produce...


Each of our products goes through a special research and development, our process, which started in theory, is put on the market after being tried in practice in the sector.


Vycall, which includes many infrastructures, develops electronic circuit, electronic coding, software and industrial designs within its own structure.


Offering the advantage of high technology and simple use, Vycall always prefers to develop its products with high material quality and high technology products and offers the best product to its customers.


For easy communication, faster service

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