Vycall products accept all warranty and return conditions specified in the Turkish Commercial Code.

Vycall products are guaranteed for 2 (two) years in all cases (breakage, contact with water, impact, opening the product by unauthorized persons, etc.) other than user error.

Battery and battery depletion are not covered by the warranty for Vycall products.

It is sufficient to send the relevant product to us for exchange transactions. It will be checked within 7 working days (not including shipping and road times). Before sending the product to us, please call our customer representative and create a warranty record.

Return Policy

You can return Vycall products within 7 days from the date of receipt.

In order for the return of Vycall products to be accepted, the products to be returned must not be damaged, breakage, impact, cosmetic deterioration, contact with water, label removal should not occur.

In the products delivered by cargo, any impact etc. on the cargo packaging. If there is a situation, return the cargo to the cargo company without receiving it. When you receive the product, there is no impact etc. on the product. If there is a problem, record the cargo officer and inform us.


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