By combining software and electronics, Vycall offers businesses-specific infrastructure and features with a new generation approach on calling and notification system technologies.

Your business prefers easy communication with Vycall

  • Calling Buttons
    Vycall B100 Calling Button
    4 Different Models Wireless Calling Button
    Vycall B150-P Calling Button
    Customizable Wireless Calling Button
  • Receiver Devices
    A30 Pager Watch
    Watch Type Receiver Device with Sound, Vibration and Display
    A35WP Pager Watch
    Water Resistant, Sound, Vibration and Indicator Watch Type Receiver
    VyBox Receiver
    Receiver Device for Computer and Tablet Use
    D10 Receiver Display
    Desktop Receiver Display Device with Numeric Display
    L10 Light Indicator
    Light and Sound Notifice Receiver Device
  • Signal Router
    VyApp GateWay
    Device Transmitting RF Signals to Online Receivers
    R1000 Repeater
    RF Signal Booster Device
  • Vycall Çağrı Yönetim Yazılımı
    Ip Tabanlı Çağrı ve Bildirim Yazılımı
    Raporlama Modülü
    Online İstatistik ve Log Kayıtları
  • Stands
    Desktop Stand for Calling Button
    Sunbed and Wall Stand for Calling Button

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