VyApp Online Receiver Application


VyApp Online is a wireless call system software that stands out with user-friendly mobile applications, powerful integrations, and effective call management. With its internet-based operation feature, VyApp Online enables receivers to easily access notifications from any location and device. It is an ideal solution for optimizing call management processes and enhancing communication.

Thanks to the VyBox - Online Gateway integration, signals from wireless call buttons are securely transmitted to the VyApp Online Platform over the internet. This feature allows recipients to access notifications from anywhere without distance limitations.

Mobıle Applıcatıon Integratıon

VyApp Online works in integration with Android and iOS mobile applications. Thus, users can easily manage call requests and notifications through their mobile devices. The defined buttons efficiently transmit requests as notifications to pre-defined recipients, ensuring quick and effective call management.


The system allows real-time monitoring of calls and notifications, providing users with the advantage of instant information delivery.

Flexıble Button Assignment and Settıngs

Buttons on the devices can be assigned to different recipients. Additionally, users can customize features such as automatic call completion, notification reminder duration, and delayed notifications to tailor the system according to their needs.